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GtkPlot is a graphical frontend for GNOME of the most popular plotting tool gnuplot. The application is still in an intense development phase. For the curious out. The GtkPlot Widget Family Version , January GtkPlotLinear provides a widget for automated plotting of data on a linear-linear scale. Welcome to the GtkPlot wiki! GtkPlot is a library designed to provide GTK with a few high quality plotting widgets. The vast majority of plotting programs are.

3 Apr Download GtkPlot for free. GtkPlot is a graphical front-end for. From: Edoardo Vigoni ; To: Rick Brice comcast net; Cc: gtk- app-devel-list gnome org; Subject: Re: GtkPlot; Date: 18 Jul +. GtkPlot - GtkPlot is a graphical front-end for Gnuplot, based on gtk+. Features: 2D /3D plotting (parametric as well), labelling, axes management, and much more.

GtkExtra Classes. Prev, GtkPlot, Next. GtkPlot. Object Hierarchy. GObject `-- GtkObject `-- GtkWidget `-- GtkPlot. Description. Prev · Home · Next. GtkIconList, Up. GtkPlot. GtkPlot is a widget for GTK+. It allows to draw high quality scientific plots in two dimensions with a look and feel very similar to Microcal Origin for. 3 Apr I'm writing an application using gtkplot, and when I try build it, the compiler complains on this line of code: gtk_plot_data_set_line_attributes. Source · Contents · Index. plot-gtk GTK plots and interaction with GHCi. Copyright, (c) A. V. H. McPhail License, BSD3. Maintainer. I wanted to write in C to be compatible with other software already written, and decided to write using Gtk+. After some search I found out that there is GtkPlot.

GtkPlot *plot, gdouble x, gdouble y, const gchar *font, gint height, gint angle, const GdkColor *foreground, const GdkColor *background, gboolean transparent . GtkPlotText *, gtk_plot_put_text (GtkPlot *plot, gdouble x, gdouble y, const gchar * font, gint height, gint angle, const GdkColor *fg, const GdkColor *bg, gboolean. Have a look at NPlot. There are (a bit older) versions for Gtk#, see http://www. diversityindentistry.com#NPlot_Gtk and. For those of you interested in graphing from within ethereal, this GTK+ widget I saw announced on Freshmeat sounds promising. Besides producing on-screen.

How to create a graphical user interface (GUI) and display a plot inside it? We will create a gui using GTK+, a toolkit for graphical interface available for. You need to install it. Look for a pre-packaged variant for your particular operating system, the download you have might be the source code. 28 Sep Hi, Would like to come out with a working example for GtkPlot. But I got stuck when trying to create a new GtkPlot with "$plot = new GtkPlot();". 15 Dec Download GtkPlot - GtkPlot , GtkPlot is a widget for GTK+.